Executor Appointment

It is critical to appreciate that once one becomes deceased , nothing can and ought to be done by or on behalf of the deceased until by a legal process an executor or representative has been duly appointed.

Executor's Role

The stated duty of the executor  is to liquidate  and legally destribute  the estate under him as executor. We at NDLP believe.In both effective estate administration and estate  planning .


Deceased Estate Administration of Planning

The administration of all estates in Zimbabwe is in terms of the Administration of Estates Act { Chapter 6:01 } which law gives supervisors powers on this process to thee master of the High Court. There are a number of important issues to consider to clearly appreciate the role of NDLP in this aspect of the law.


Do you have a will ?

Without a will, the law determines how your assets are distributed after your death. This may not align with your wishes, and it can lead to conflict and confusion among your loved ones. A will allows you to specify exactly who receives what, ensuring your wishes are carried out.

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    Deceased Estate Administration Tips